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Welcome to Sunshine Early Childhood Centre

Hours: Monday to Friday 7am-5pm     Open Year Round

Sunshine Group Daycare

Hours of Operation: 7:00am-5:00pm Monday-Friday 

Location: 2225 Sooke Road at the Colwood Community Hall Complex

Programs for Children: 3yrs - 11 yrs of age

We offer a variety of care throughout the day to accommodate families individual needs and to help keep the costs as low as possible for families. For children kindergarten-grade 5 we offer before and after school care daily with pro-days already set aside for your child's use and included in your fee from September - June. Families with 3-5 year olds also have the added option of having their child attend for either a full day (7:00-5:00) or short days (9:00-2:15 on regular school days) September to June. Families choose which set days per week they wish to enroll for. We also offer full day programs during the summer months for all ages, and enrolled clients have first choice for enrolment in these programs each year.

All of our programs are quality early learning programs with school readiness and nature exploration curriculum provided in positive, friendly, and relaxed environments. We incorporate a bullying prevention program into our day and through this program we are teaching children to resolve conflict with their peers independently and to be a part of "Team Sunshine"!

We spend lots of time exploring and enjoying nature and the Great Outdoors we are blessed to have in our "backyard", throughout the year. We accomplish this through the use of our 22 and 24 passenger shuttle buses.

                    The more places you go, the more things you know!

​Sunshine Staff members all have first-aid certification, criminal record checks, and educational background in the Early Childhood Education profession. We have long term employment rates and our staff provide quality programming and a warm and nurturing environment to all children in our care.

To register please complete the registration package found at the bottom of this page. Next, Email Kim to book your personal tour at:



Covid-19 Preventative Measures:

With the changes in our world and the “New Normal” beginning, we have adjusted our programs to promote the safest and healthiest of environments for children to spend their days in. We are currently maintaining a very strict cleaning, bleaching and disinfecting regime throughout the day. We are completing a quick health check upon sign in to ensure every child is healthy prior to classroom entry. There is a strict hand washing policy in place. We require everyone to stop in at our entranceway washroom and wash  hands thoroughly upon arrival at the centre  before entering either the Seahorse or Seadragon classrooms, or please use the hand sanitizer stations located outside the entrances to both our buildings, and send the children directly to the washroom to wash in the Seaturtle and SeaOtter classrooms. At this time parents are asked to be masked while indoors and to stay in the cubby/coat room areas in each classroom during drop-offs. Thank you for your support in keeping our environments clean. Our best defence is washing our hands and keeping a clean environment!

SICK POLICY: Healthy Children and staff Only!   NO children or staff with any form of sickness and especially the following symptoms; green runny/stuffy noses not ok, weather related-clear and temporary runny nose ok. Sore throat, fever, chills, muscle aches, cough or worsening of chronic cough, shortness of breath, loss of sense of smell or taste, headache, unusual fatigue, diarrhea, loss of appetite, nausea and vomiting, pink eye, abdominal pain are not allowed to attend!  Healthy children only to attend!

Children and staff that are sick, must stay home until 24 hrs clear of all symptoms. A return to care cannot occur until 24 hours clear of all symptoms. This may take up to 14 days depending on your child's rate of recovery.​ The child/staff must be symptom free without fever reducing medications, for 24 hours following the last symptom in all scenarios, in order to return.

If your child regularly suffers from a clear, runny nose for other medical reasons that are not communicable, then please provide a Doctors note for their file for the year. 

If you have travelled outside of Canada then please self isolated as mandated by the Canadian Government for 14 days and no entry to daycare allowed for 14 days! We are following the guidelines given to us by VIHA and Health Canada.

Families need to understand the risks and follow our sick policy.


   We are currently operating:
1 class of 24 children (kindergarten - grade 5) (Seaturtles)
          (7-9 2:15-5:00 and  7-5 on pro days and SD62school closure days)
1 class of 24 children (4 yr olds) (Orca Class)
          ( 9-2:15 on all full session SD62school days)
1 class of 16 children (4yrs -kindergarten) (Seadragon Class)
            ( 7-5 daily care )
1 class of 25 children (3yrs -4 yrs of age)  (Seahorse Class)
            (7-5 daily care)
            (9-2:15 daily care excluding regularly scheduled pro days)

           ****Tax Receipts Available for the 2020 tax year at the Centre for pickup*****


 All our programs are fully booked for this school year. Registration will open up again for the September 2022 on Feb 15, 2022 by email.


                           Please email me at: to book a tour!

September 13, 2021

We have had a busy and exciting start to our school year! The kids have settled in amazingly well and our adventures have begun! We will be observing the new statutory holiday and closing for business on September 30th. Please take a moment to honor our First Nations Peoples and the struggles their families and culture has endured, and endeavor to help make change for future generations.

August 25, 2021

With the new public health measures put in place today in BC, we are requiring facemasks to be worn by all parents/guardians and siblings when entering indoors. We are also asking families to be as quick as possible with indoor drop-offs and pick-ups. Staff will also be masked during the drop off and pickup times indoors. We appreciate everyone who has kept their children home when sick, this has substantially helped to keep everyone generally more healthy this year. Healthy kids only in care is working well! We will continue to be diligent with our cleaning policies and the kids are doing fantastic with their handwashing and hand sanitizing, we truly are all in this together! Thank you for all the great support during this pandemic, the kids are having fun adventurous days together!

Childcare regulations still require children to remain home when sick. If your child just has a slightly clear, runny nose regularly due to weather we will be mindful of watching to see if it stops once indoors before calling it a possible symptom of sickness. If your child regularly has allergy symptoms, or a clear runny nose only due to other health issues, please provide a doctors note stating this for their file for the year. Green snotty noses are related to viruses and must be at home until symptoms clear up. Please visit  for more Covid-19 related information. Photos of the protocols we are mandated to follow can be found on the employee page of our website as well. May we all have a healthy school year! 

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