CCRR Victoria Workshops

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Employee Safety Plan Specific to Covid-19:

Staff are to be working in smaller groups with the children as much as possible. Space out the activities within the classroom to promote social distancing positively, and invite the children to play outdoors as much as possible. Try to give social distance throughout the day as much as you possibly can.  Avoid line-ups with the children and large group activities that require the children to be close together for long periods of time, especially inside.

We are currently maintaining a very strict cleaning, bleaching and disinfecting regime throughout the day. Staff are to ensure they are completing the daily cleaning list and disinfecting as prescribed in the cleaning checklist on a daily basis. High touch surface areas and washrooms are to be cleaned throughout the day, thoroughly with the bleach and water solution as prescribed by VIHA.

We are completing a quick health check upon sign in to ensure every child is healthy prior to classroom entry. All staff must complete a daily health check prior to their shift beginning, also. If a staff member feels ill they should not arrive to work, please call in sick. If a staff member becomes ill while at work they are to leave the facility as soon as it is safe to do so. Please do not stay onsite ill. All sick staff must follow the facility sick policy as well. We are following the guidelines given to us by VIHA.

There is a strict hand washing policy in place. We require everyone, including staff, to stop in at our entranceway washroom and wash hands thoroughly upon arrival at the centre, before entering either the Seahorse or Seadragon classrooms, or please use the hand sanitizer stations located outside the entrances to both our buildings, and send the children and staff directly to the washroom to wash in the Seaturtle classroom. Staff members, please continue to wash your hands at least once per hour, and definitely before and after handling food, cleaning and sanitizing activities, before and after assisting a child in the washroom, when in contact with bodily fluids of others, and anytime they become soiled!