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SeaOtter Class 4yr's - Kindergarten Preschool Program: 

Our SeaOtter class hosts our 4yr old full day friends. This class is located in our Main Hall Building in the Colwood Women's Institute Hall.

Eco-orca Class 4yr's Preschool Program: 

 Our Eco-Orca 4's class hosts 22 spaces for our short day 4 year old friends, in our Children's Hall Building. In the morning from 7:00-8:30am, this classroom hosts our Out of School Care Seaturtle class. At 9:00am, we welcome our short day friends to begin our eco adventure program. We operate this program 9:00-2:15 on all the days the Sooke School District 62 are in session. On Pro-days this classroom hosts our full day kindergarten-Grade 5 friends.

Eco Adventure Programs:

  We will be continuing our "kindergarten readiness curriculum" by ensuring our morning portion of the day resembles an interactive style kindergarten class. This means the children will freely move from one activity station to another to promote a relaxed learning environment. We will be focusing on teaching reading, writing, and math readiness, as well as exploring different topics through hands-on activities and science projects. We will also be teaching basic concepts about nature, Canada, and other concepts relating to our monthly themes in our circle, planned activities and on our daily field trips. Socially, we focus on teaching turn taking and caring for each other as a team. We also encourage the development of positive participation in group activities and how to participate in classroom activities with enthusiasm.

 At this stage of the  "Pro-social Behavior Modification Program", we are teaching the children to be a strong team with one another in all aspects of their day and to help keep each other safe when out on adventures. We also focus on teaching cooperation and problem solving as a team, throughout the day.

The 4's will be travelling on our 24 passenger school buses, which are driven by class "4" drivers and pre-trip inspected daily. During the school year, we will be going on field trips daily, and in the winter months and really bad weather days, we will be going on indoor trips as well. This way, we are conscious of not "overwhelming" the children with being in really bad weather, especially when we can still study and learn about our environment with some indoor destinations. We carry shelter and emergency supplies with us on the bus and choose some destinations according to the weather the day of. There is no naptime in this program, but if someone is especially tired that day they can nap on the bus ride. We are also very intent on being "nature protectors" and taking our time to explore in nature everywhere we go!


"The more places you go the more things you know!"

Monthly Themes:

 September: All About me, my family, and preschool
October: Old Growth Forests, Salmon Rivers, Harvest and Halloween
November: Fall, Large Forest Animals and their habitats   
December: Community Helpers and Careers, Christmas Traditions
January: Our Local Heritage and Canadian History
February: Solar Systems and our Planet, Dinosaurs
March: Where our food and water comes from
April: Spring and Plant Lifecycles
May: Lakes and Lifecycles 
June: Oceans and Fantasy 
Eco- Adventure 4's  Day Schedules:

Orcas 4's Program:
 9-9:15- greetings and snack

9:15-12:15 - eco-adventure trip
12:15-12:30 - Lunch

12:30-12:45 - Circle Time

12:45-1:45- art/science activities, academics, freeplay carpet activities  
1:45-2:15 - snack time, freeplay carpet actvities

 Seaotters 4's Program:

7:30-9 greetings and freeplay activities

9:15-9:30 snack and carpet play

9:30-10:00 Circle Time

10:00-11:10  art/science activities, academics, freeplay carpet activities

11:10-11:30 Lunch

11:30-2:15 eco adventure trip
2:15-4:30 snack and outside freeplay (weather permitting)